In what we have called LINEA CONTRACT, we introduce armchairs made by artisanal companies but that have specialized in the high-end "contract" sector (high category hotels and restaurants, executive and professionals offices, boutiques etc.). Therefore they are products with simplified characteristics compared with the ones made by GHIMENTON or FRIGERIO but, exactly for this reason, they have a good balance between quality and cost of the hand-crafted item, which then no longer remains closely linked to the "contract" supplies but it can also be undoubtedly used into a private residential location.

We did not choose a single manufacturer for the proposals of the LINEA CONTRACT; on the contrary we have selected single products from different companies in order to provide the best items that can be used even in private housing contexts.

Here below we show some examples of LINEA CONTRACT armchairs we took care of directly, assisting the customer in both the choice of the model and the fabric and for which, of course, we provide assistance for maintenances or renewal of covers. Where specified, some pieces are available as samples at our showroom, thus allowing the Visitors to see and try the product in person.