The sofas we manufacture (shown here below with the logo GHIMENTON) are strictly artisanal. Our production can be actually considered tailor-made: the Customer can modify any measure of the models and can also change the padding to suit personal preferences, as well as choose the finish and, of course, the fabric or other covering materials. This level of customization, as well as the utmost care of the quality used in materials and workmanship, doesn't allow us to manufacture on a large scale and it is for this reason that we ask our Customers a certain waiting time to have the work done.

To complete our offer and meet additional requirements in terms of design, technical solutions and finish, we have added to our direct production proposals from our trading partner FRIGERIO, selected for its very high quality and the elegance of the contemporary design of its products.

Moreover, through the LINEA CONTRACT, we introduce sofas created by artisanal companies that have specialized in the high-level "contract" supplies (high category hotels, executive offices, boutiques, etc.), without precluding, anyway, their use in private residences.

For both our direct production and those by FRIGERIO and the LINEA CONTRACT, the Customer has our free consultancy for the choice of the model and its size, as well as the choice of fabric, leather or other material from a wide variety available at our workshop.

Warranties and any maintenance remain in our care over time, assisting the Customer over the years, both in the case of our direct production or pieces made by our commercial partners.