The armchair models shown here below are made directly in our workshop.

They are handmade artifacts with a special care to the quality of the materials, starting from the wooden structure, made with the best joinery techniques.

A solid wood, poplar or beech, assembled with traditional criteria such as the joints "mortise-tenon" and other important details, provides unlimited service life of the product. In fact, even when the fabric and padding will be worn, a high quality wooden frame will allow the replacement and reconstruction, even in total, of the padding, allowing a total renewal of the armchair periodically over the decades and granting it a life actually everlasting. This is not the case for mass productions of medium-low quality armchairs where the structure is made of chipboard or similar materials and assembled with cost-oriented systems; in these cases, then, once the armchair is worn or damaged (and this happens in a short time considered the cheap materials of which it is made) it will simply have to be discarded. Our approach is, instead, totally different: a wooden structure made with the best joinery techniques provides the possibility to renew and replenish padding and fabric/leather covers endlessly over decades.

The Customer can modify, according to personal needs, every measure of our armchairs: width, depth, back height, seat height, feet height or anything else to achieve the desired level of personalization, assisted by our technical advice and also our aesthetic suggestions.

Our materials for padding are not chosen based on cut-costs criteria but rather for their features of robustness and use resistance. The techniques for the execution of the padding are studied and taken care to ensure an excellent level of solidity in the most stressed points without, however, neglecting the aspects of ergonomics and sitting comfort.

Regarding the padding, however, the Customer can request changes to suit personal needs or preferences, eventually with the possibility to personally test the setting of the padding requested while the armchair is under construction in our workshop in Italy.

Finishes, such as the choice of seams, eventual piping, applications, colour and polishing of exposed wooden parts, trimmings, metal studs or whatever, are studied and discussed with the Customer and supported with our technical and aesthetic advices.

For the choice of fabric, leather or other cover materials, we have a significant variety of swatches from the best and worldwide-known textiles editors. However, the Customer can even provide directly the fabric (obviously after our own assessment as to the proper relationship between the technical characteristics of the fabric supplied and the use to which it is intended for).