The SIMMONS pillows we introduce are entirely made in Italy in order to adapt the quality and experience of this centennial multinational brand to the specific needs and habits of Italian bedding preferences.

Pillows in 100% latex with no additives (like for example gypsum powder) are made in the traditional "soap" shape but with the possibility to choose among three different heights (10, 13 and 15 cm.); they are also made with an ergonomic outline or with a particular shape that gives a massage effect.

Pillows in viscoelastic memory foam are also made in the classic "soap" shape with a 13 cm. height, in the ergonomic and in the "massage" shapes.

Moreover SIMMONS produces further models with padding in synthetic wadding even completely washable in water, in Comforel (Du Pont siliconed synthetic wadding flocks), in wool, in goose feathers, in springs padded with cotton wadding, in polyurethane foam ergonomic core covered with synthetic wadding.

Every kind of pillow comes with a non-removable cotton fabric cover but it can be further protected with a specific additional cover made with the hypoallergenic Silverfiber fabric, washable in water even at 60°.

Here below we show examples of SIMMONS pillows and protective covers. Where specified, some pieces are available as samples at our showroom, thus allowing the Customer to see and try the product in person.


For more information please feel free to contact us or visit the SIMMONS Italian website: